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From: Rob Hoek
Subject: Family Vacation (9)Family Vacation
(9) Understandably, the vacationing family availed themselves of few of the
resorts many amenities during the lolita sex hard cp next few days. In truth they had barely
gone outside their cabin, but had instead occupied themselves with
exploring each other, and the newness of their incestuous life style. Toward the end of the first week of vacation everyone was well sated,
and in need of a change of scene. Man cannot, after all, live on
uninhibited sex alone. After a protein rebuilding family breakfast enjoyed in group nudity,
Shelby and Robby decided to venture outside the cabin and get some sun and
fun of a different nature then that they had been nearly constantly
involved in since arriving at the resort. Shelby donned her tiniest bikini,
a little lime green number that left little to the imagination regarding
her budding body, and Robby opted for a pair of brief shorts that fit him
snug enough that could be no question that he was all boy. They bid their
fairly exhausted parents goodbye, and headed out to check out the swimming
pool, and the beach. Robby considered a change of heart when Shelby had
emerged from their bedroom in the hot little bikini lolita home video hidden
that revealed
considerably more of her sweet little body then it concealed, but he
managed to control his instinct to swoop her up and take her back to the
bedroom and once again fuck her clingy little pussy. The admirable self
control did not, however, extend to control of his young cock which had
hardened immediately upon seeing his little Sister. They strolled around the pool area, checking out the gaggle of younger
kids that frolicked there, and then stopped to get Cokes from the snack
shack before walking down to the lake and beach. It was not lost on Robby
that his little Sister turned many a male head as they walked along,
especially, he noticed, among the Dad's who were supervising their young
children. Eat your sfp www reallola ln
hearts out Dads; he smugly told himself, she is every
bit as good as she looks. They waded along the shoreline of the lake, trading lustful glances with
the several hot looking teenagers that were scattered along the beach, and
Robby idly wondered if any of the boys were as lucky as himself and were
fucking their sisters. They came upon a kiosk that offered paddle boats for
rent, and on impulse they presented their resort card and rented one. Once
aboard they needed a few moments to get their act together with working the
duel peddles that powered the boat, but then they were into it, paddling
smoothly over the flat blue water. They decided to head for a distant island far out in the lake, and when
they were a fair free dom bbs lolitas distance from shore, Robby reached over and tugged on the
thin strap around Shelby's neck that held her minuscule bikini top in
place. The narrow strip of cloth fell away, baring her tiny mounds and her
succulent nipples, and Shelby giggled sweetly as her brother reached over
to fondle them, his fingers quickly bringing her sensitive nipples to
erection. She settled back on the seat, savoring the delicious sensations
Robby was evoking as he toyed with her breasts, and she reached into his
lap to grip his erect boy-cock outside his small shorts. In a flash, Robby
popped the snap and zip of his shorts, and tugged them down his smooth
thighs, allowing his rigid boyhood to spring free. Shelby giggled some
more, and happily rubbed her brothers cock in her small hand, occasionally
reaching lower to fondle his bulging ball sack. As they neared the small
island, Shelby moved to replace her top, but Robby stopped her, telling her
that there probably wasn't anyone else on the island, and even if there
was, her sweet little tits were just too hot to be covered up. Shelby
blushed some, but inwardly she was turned on by being topless pre teen lol bbs
with the
possibility of encountering some stranger. As Robby guided the boat onto a
small beach, she dropped the top back onto the floor, and resumed playing
with her Brothers cock until they were beached. They clamored from the boat, and when Robby started to put his shorts
back in place, Shelby put her hand out to stop him, saying, "I like seeing you naked, Robby, and besides, it's way easier to play
with you cgi board lolita bbs when I want to...I want you to go all naked!" Robby grinned, still amazed at what a horn-dog his hot little Sister had
turned out to be. He shrugged, and let the shorts puddle at his ankles, and
then picked them up and tossed them in the boat. He reached out to tug on
Shelby's little bottom piece, and he quickly stripped it off her and
dropped it in the boat, leaving them both fully naked in the warm sun. His
hungry gaze fixed on his Sisters nakedness, he was again tempted to take
her down on the warm sand and shove his hard cock into her juicy little
slit, but before he could act she moved off down the beach toward some
large black rocks. Robby quickly followed, his gaze locked onto Shelby's
sweet little ass and his erection leading him by a good five inches. Reaching the big rocks, Shelby picked one, and settled down on it, lying
back to stretch out . He shapely legs parted, and the prominent mound of
her pubis and the puffy lips of her pink little pussy came into view, and
Robby could deny himself no longer. Falling to his knees between his
Sisters splayed legs, he bent down and tongued the satin-like smoothness of
her inner thigh, and when he reached her glistening slit, he dug his tongue
into the tasty folds. Shelby sighed loudly, her legs going wider and her
back arching upward as her Brother licked her pussy. "Oh Robby..." she cooed happily, "you do that so feels
amazing!" Robby moved up, and captured the swollen nub of her clit between his
lips, sucking the tender bud as he wormed a finger inside her snug sheath,
moving it in and out of her slickness. "Oh gosh...yea, Robby...suck my clit...finger my pussy...God, it's
nice!" she purred as her Brother once again worked his magic on her flowing
pussy, deftly servicing her firm button as he drilled his fingers into her
wetness. The idle thought that some stranger might appear at any moment and find
him orally pleasing his little Sister crossed Robby's mind, and for some
strange reason the idea actually added to his excitement. He imagined some
older dude rounding the outcropping of rock and walking right up on them
heavily engaged in some hot cunt lapping, and he felt a sharp jolt in his
hanging balls. Fuck, he thought, that would be hot, and then after I make
Shelby cum, I could just introduce her as my Sister...oh, man...and then
maybe he could watch me fuck her too...that should blow his freaking mind
for sure! Similar ideas were occurring to Shelby as Robby's expert tonguing and
sucking drove her ever closer to release. What if somebody comes along
right now, she thought, her narrow hips beginning to roll as he Brother
worked her clit with his soft lips and tongue and fingered her slippery
tunnel. If it happens in another minute or two, they will see me cum big
time, and then they can watch my Brother slid his big hard cock inside me
and fuck me good...oh gosh...why does that idea make me so hot...I guess
because I really like it when Mom and Dad see Robby and me fuck! Shortly after cp lols nymphets russian
the kids had those thoughts the idea became a moot point
when a deep orgasm welled up in Shelby, her slender body shaking everywhere
as the stunning sensations of pleasure washed over her in a strong cum that
flooded her Brothers face and mouth with her sweet juices. As the pleasure
subsided, a very much overheated Robby lifted his glistening face from his
Sisters sweet honey-pot, and scrambled between her spread thighs, his
pulsing cock in his fist. He centered the bulbous head at her slippery
entrance, and drove forward, his cock sliding into her clinging sheath
easily. He bottomed out, sensing his aching balls slapping her upturned
little ass, and he felt her vaginal muscles milking at his hardness as he
eased it back until just the knob was left inside. She raised her legs and
clasped them over his back as she breathlessly begged him to fuck her, and
he complied in spades. Robby pumped his french magazine elite lolitas little Sister, settled into a steady rhythm as he
savored the delicious sensations of sliding his cock in and out of her
tightness, and he again had the thought of being suddenly caught this way
by some stranger. She is so fucking hot, he thought, I wish the whole world
could watch me fuck her this way. He felt the familiar tingles building
rapidly in his swinging balls, and he picked up the pace some as he lowered
his head, and kissed his Sisters lush mouth, his cock set to explode about
a quart of hot cum into her silky pussy. The sweet feeling continued to
build as he worked his tongue inside his Sister's mouth, and a few strokes
later his balls exploded, and ejected ribbon after ribbon of creamy
boy-honey into her gripping pussy. Their mutual lust quelled for the moment, the kids skinny dipped in the
refreshing lake, an activity that served double duty as pick-me-up, and a
method to wash away the mingled cum and girly juices from their young
bodies. Following a nice swim, they lay out in the warm sun for awhile, and
then they headed back to the paddle boat, walking naked along the beach
hand in hand.(Story Continues)
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